MB&F’s Replica Watches Geneva M.A.D. Gallery Robbed At Gunpoint

MB&F’s M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva is reported to have been robbed at gunpoint, on Tuesday, August the 8th at 6pm. No shots were fired and none of the staff working at the gallery were hurt but the two armed individuals managed to flee with a fair number of MB&F watches.

Law enforcement investigating the matter have commented saying that the robbers are known to be bound towards the French border, which is a stone’s throw away from the Old Town of Geneva, where the gallery is located.

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MB&F replica watches themselves have yet to comment on the matter and the total value of the stolen watches have yet to be determined. Although, as pointed out by http://www.liberia.org.uk/, considering how unique MB&F’s watches are, the robbers are likely to find it difficult to sell the pieces without raising suspicion, thus rendering the stolen ware pointless.

While the robbers remain at large, concern has been raised about the matter that this is the fifth robbery to have occurred in Geneva within the year involving a luxury goods store.

Bell and Ross BR-X1 Black Titanium Skeleton Chronograph Replica Watches

It bears mentioning a little background on the Instruments and BR-X1 replica watches before we start – the Instruments collection is probably Bell and Ross’ most iconic collection, with the trademark square case and round face. This is probably familiar to most watch lovers, and indeed I, personally, was quite enamoured with it at some point in the past. Bell and Ross drew inspiration for this case shape directly from the aeronautical flight instruments back in the day when cockpits were lined with rows upon rows of square inserts and round dials/gauges feeding information to the pilot, hence the name of the collection. With the classic releases in the Instruments line, such as the BR-01, Bell and Ross have strived to ensure that their Instruments deliver that same legibility a pilot would want.

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The BR-X1 copy watches line was only recently slotted into the lineup in 2014, and represents an interesting direction for the normally utilitarian company. The name BR-X1 pays homage to the Bell X-1, the first American experimental rocket plane to break the sound barrier back in 1947. Drawing from that idea, experimental designs and complications are showcased from Bell and Ross’ repertoire within the BR-X1 line. For one, the movements in this line are all skeletonised. Bell and Ross seem to be experimenting with just about all components of the watch in this line, from case material to the hands and indices, not to mention movements and complications. Just on the case material alone, rose gold, carbon fibre and wood are implemented on separate models. At the time of their release, this would be previously unheard of from Bell and Ross.

We had the chance to take the BR-X1 Black Titanium Skeleton Chronograph replica watches out for a week, putting it through the daily rigours of desk diving, door jamming and all sorts of dangerous hazards that watch lovers face every day. The result – this review along with plenty of pictures to feed your eye candy needs.

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