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With all the entrepreneurial prowess of his JCB-founding grandfather, George Bamford identified a considerable gap in the market in the early-2000s, which led to the launch of his watch customising business, replica Bamford Watch Department (BWD). BWD’s raison d’être ever since has been to “jazz up” treasured timepieces by blackening the cases, colouring the dials and adding all manner of special symbols and characters to the standard aesthetic of everything from Rolexes to Audemars Piguets and Patek Philippes.

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While after-market alterations are nothing new – Rolex co-branding, for example, is something that has existed for decades – Bamford has managed to upset the great and the good from Switzerland’s fourth-biggest export industry, leading to much hand-wringing, foot-stamping and tearing up of warranties. All of the official opposition, however, has only served to make the products of BWD more talked-about, more desirable and, increasingly, more expensive.

Recent months have seen a new direction for Bamford with full-on collaborations between established brands such as Master & Dynamic headphones, ic! berlin glasses and Bentley Motors. But later today (30 June) there will be an announcement many thought they would never see: BWD is going legit and will be authorised for the first time by a Swiss watch brand to customise its watches, as well as sell the customised pieces through the BWD website and authorised retailers including Dover Street Market in London and Colette in Paris.

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Unsurprisingly, the brand in question – Zenith cheap fake watches – are helmed by one of the watch industry’s true visionaries, Jean-Claude Biver, a man who appreciates and applauds innovation and who refuses to attempt the impossible and turn back the tide, preferring to dive headlong in and swim with it rather than against. The new partnership will see BWD acquiring timepieces from Zenith (Tipos, Pilots and El Primeros only, the Defys exempted due to their skeletonisation and highly technical nature), as well as spare parts and supplies. Going forward, BWD will only work with brands that authorise and support the customising of their watches and, in the process, will become the first British customiser to be officially approved by the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Citizen Tourbillon Y01 Silver Dial Machinal Movement Leather Strap Replica Watches

Technically, the movement looks to be essentially traditional in all respects. The Citizen tourbillon fake watches cage sits under a bridge (in other words, it’s a non-flying tourbillon), and there’s a lateral lever escapement, plus a flat balance spring. The balance has four arms and Gyromax-type eccentric weights for fine regulation.

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As you probably know, Citizen has been on a bit of a shopping spree over the last few years, and owns a number of luxury and entry-level luxury brands in addition to watches made under the Citizen fake watches name. Citizen is famous for its light-powered Eco-Drive watches, which come in an enormous variety of styles and prices (and which also includes the ultra-high accuracy Chronomaster, rated to ± 5 seconds per year) but in 2012, it acquired Manufacture La Joux Perret and Arnold & Son, and in 2016 it acquired the Frederique Constant Group, which includes Ateliers de Monaco as well as Frederique Constant and Alpina. Citizen also owns Bulova, as well as movement maker Miyota. The tourbillon movement used here shares a frequency with tourbillons built around Nivarox components (21,600 vph) but it doesn’t have any specific design features in common with Arnold & Son tourbillons, in which the balance is not on the same axis as the carriage (that is, caroussel tourbillons).

Certainly, it’s not surprising that a firm with the resources Citizen has, is capable of making a tourbillon but it is interesting that it has chosen to introduce a tourbillon under its own brand. Of course this means that theoretically, Citizen could supply its own tourbillon movement to other manufacturers, as well as use the design for one or more of the brands it owns. It also means that there are now two very big Japanese watch companies that are in the tourbillon game – the other, of course, being Seiko, which introduced its first tourbillon movement in the Fugaku Tourbillon.

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For now, however, there is no indication that Citizen means this to be more than a statement of capability. Only two of the Y01 Tourbillons will be made, and they’re being sold at the Tokyo branch of the Daimaru department store chain. Pricing is 楼10,000,000, plus tax, which is about $91,000 at the current rate. Whether Citizen replica watches means the movement to be more than a curiosity remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely it would have gone to the trouble to prototype and manufacture a movement if it didn’t have bigger plans for it. We’ll just have to wait and see.