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The latest Dior Replica Grand Soir watches collection from Dior takes inspiration from Monsieur Dior’s embroideries, but there’s a twist – the patterns have been reflected through a kaleidoscope to create a geometric symmetry across the dials.

The dials are made up of pieces of mother-of-pearl, gold, opal, lapis lazuli, chrysoprase and sculpted stones; diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites line the bezels in trilliant and baguette cuts.

We’ve seen embroidery-inspired dials from Dior and other brands of course, but the kaleidoscope twist adds a quirky freshness.

Replica Dior Grand SoirTo show off the full effect, the Grand Soir’s dial has expanded from 33mm to 36mm. Previous iterations of the Grand Soir include dials inspired by origami, and the Frou-Frou collection from last year which was based on the frills and ruffles of couture gowns.

We’re going on renderings for now, which look amazingly psychedelic – but if previous Dior creations are anything to go by, these do not do them justice. Below is the Kaleidiorscope No. 8 (yes, that KaleiDIORscope, a strong contender for cheap Swiss fake watches industry pun of the year) in pink and white gold, diamonds, sapphires, mother-of-pearl and sugilite, sugilite being a pinky-purple silicate mineral first discovered in Japan.

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Dior Grand Soir replica watches

It’s a relatively unusual material that Dior has been using recently – it popped up on the D de Dior Granville watch as a slice of hard stone dial. The rest of the collection comes in combinations of pink, white and yellow gold. 

All the Kaleidiorscope watches feature Elite automatic calibres from Zenith with 50-hour power reserves.

Replica Dior Grand Soir-3The ladies Dior copy watches movements are visible through openwork casebacks, showing off lacquered oscillating weights – Dior’s attention to detail on oscillating weights being well-known, considering the Grand Bal collection which shifted them to the front of the dial to make them a prominent decorative feature.