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Watches made in Germany are often instantly recognizable for their functional, minimal design and for the appreciation of a long-lasting watchmaking tradition. Well, the Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar replica watches are distinctly German, and quintessentially Saxon. The first thing to catch the eye is its meticulous design and an impression of mechanical integrity. Everything seems highly functional, yet despite its numerous indications, it looks balanced, perfectly structured and crafted with exacting precision. To soften this overall practical impression, the moon face indication brings a pretty touch of poetry.

The dial stands out with its clear graphic, decentralized layout and galvanic finish with stunning shades. This dial really needs to be experienced in the metal and in various light conditions, as it properly catches the ambient light and reflects it in various shades – from cold blue tones to warm yellow hues. Only galvanic treatments can provide this metallic but playful renders – which won’t be the case of a classical varnished or lacquered dial.

On the PanoMaticLunar, time indications are on one side and astronomic indication – moon and date – on the other. The sub-dials for the hours/minutes and seconds feature a fine concentric guilloche pattern (known as azurage for those eager to build their French watchmaking vocabulary). The elegant applied markers are highly legible. The graceful bevels framing the moon phase indicator and the large date window are a nice detail. Glashütte Original manufactures their own dials and these are indeed impeccable. The Alpha-type hands for the hours and minutes are blued steel and inlaid with luminescent material.

Glashütte Original replica watches.

The main attraction of the Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar this deconstructed layout, immediately recognizable as Saxon. Inspired by antique pocket watches, this display – which is also the base for the PanoReserve – might be a bit disturbing at first for people used to central hands, however, it provides excellent legibility of all indications and highly participates to the unique and desirable style of the watch.

Turning the PanoMaticLunar over, a sapphire exhibition case back offers a nice view of the superb automatic calibre 90-02. This large micro-rotor movement can store up to 42 hours of energy fake Glashütte Original watches when fully wound. It features off-centered hours and minutes, a small second, a large date (the Panorama datum and its outstanding legibility thanks to two concentric discs placed on the same level) and the moon phase indication.

The movement of the Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar, compared to the sleek case and dial, is rather demonstrative and richly decorated, with stripes on the three-quarter plate. The micro-rotor is skeletonized with a double G logo. It features a 21k gold weight. The angles are nicely chamfered, the steel parts polished, the screws blued and the balance bridge is hand-engraved and gilded. But above all, there is this superb regulator with what Glashütte Original calls “Duplex Swan Neck Regulator”. This makes clearer why GO watchmakers opted for a micro-rotor which is unusually large by the way. This allows for a more compact construction and it never hides this superb regulator.

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