Swiss Men’s Hublot Big Bang Series Replica Watches

This is a good looking Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Replica Watches. Looking more of a clone for a Tutti Frutti Tourbillon than of anything else is not exactly what you’d call an exact replica. I got this one because it’s very clean and simple with a very nice dial but still with a good twist having the Tourbillon clone visible at 6 o’clock.

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Two Toner Dial Hublot Copy Watches with a checkered flag upper pattern and a gray lower tourbillon part. Engravings on the dial only read the logo and “Hublot Geneve”. Markers and hands also look good and they have that stainless steel raw cut. Nicely made black ion-plated case housing a Japanese automatic movement and a simple logo on the crown.

All black rubber band which is flexible but keeps a good strong wrist position at the same time has Hublot engravings visible in the right places. See-through back case makes it easy to see the movement and there are also markings on the case. This is not a 1 on 1 clone watch of an original but it looks very much alike the Tutti Frutti Troubillon from Hublot. I like it because of its simpleness, good looks and good quality materials that it’s made of.

Hublot replica watches
Deep blue dial Hublot copy watches.

Hublot has so many variations on this model alone that you’d really have to be a connoisseur to spot this as Fake Hublot Watches simply because it does not match a piece of the collection. This watch is a lot of fun just by its looks and a very good wrist grip. Simple, easy, black on black watch with just the right looks for most of my wardrobe. Enjoy the photos and give me your thoughts on it.